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Frances graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Master's degree in Software Systems. She has over a decade of experiences in software engineering and is passionate about technologies regarding artificial intelligence, security, and image processing. Outside of work, Frances is passionate at learning different cultures. She provides translation services in Chinese and English, enjoys traveling and trying out different cuisines. Frances has been helping organizing Alumnus annual reunions since 2014.




Vice President

Shine is currently an Engineer Manager at VMware Tanzu Data Service team. He graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute as an M.S. in computer science with a thesis on data warehousing. Outside of work, he is passionate about helping others on debt freedom, and enjoys the parallel universe from sci-fiction novels, movies, and computer games.

Shine hopes his contribution to GCAA can build healthy life-long relationships between GCAA members and grow GCAA like a flourishing tree with strong roots and dense branches, and fruitful for all the years to come. 


王汉言 少十二


Hanyan graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a Master's degree in statistics. He has over 4 years of professional experience in higher education data and he currently serves as a data scientist at UCLA. Hanyan enjoys reading, cooking, playing board games, and unproductive writing. His latest hobbies include visiting National Wildlife Refuges (usually in the wrong seasons) and watching comedy performances with different cultural backgrounds (and Chinese subtitles).


ANDY 王周安迪 少十一


Andy graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with Ph.D. in Neuroscience. His research focus has been focusing on computational analysis of meta-omics data in multiple diseases. He is currently a postdoc at UCSF. Andy loves watching anime and movies, reading, baking, skiing, and overall making things.


洪琳碧 少九


Linbi is a research scientist based in New York studying human attention. She obtained her PhD from Columbia University, and her expertise extends across a diverse range of fields, including cognitive neuroscience, biomedical engineering, and electrical engineering. 


Outside of the lab, Linbi enjoys strolling through farmer’s markets, checking out the city’s never-ending art scenes, and listening to (or occasionally having fun playing) piano pieces.  


As the new chair of the Communication Committee, Linbi aims to connect more alumni through effective storytelling and content creation. Having contributed to both the membership program and quarterly newsletters, she is excited to help more alumni tell their stories.

丁孜 少八

Alumni Relations

Zi Ding works in the quant trading industry and focuses on macro & relative value trading in fixed income, equity index, commodity, and FX markets. Before starting a career, Zi took bachelor’s education in mathematics at Peking University and Stony Brook University, and finished with a PhD in applied math and statistics at University of Maryland College Park. 

Zi is a GCC 8th class alumni, and hosted GCC’s north America 2016 annual gathering in NYC. Zi is also very active in GCC’s finance/trading/personal-investment activities and events. Apart from passion in trading/investment, Zi is also a wine enthusiast at life. 


王羽尧 少十三

Alumni Relations

Yuyao is currently a Senior Consultant at NERA Economic Consulting based in New York City. She specializes in providing economic and financial analyses in complex legal and advisory matters, mostly related to financial products. 
Yuyao obtained a Ph.D. In economics from the University of Chicago, where her research focused on the intersection of macroeconomics and financial markets. 
In her spare time, Yuyao is a fervid scuba diver and traveller. She has been to over 50 countries and explored the underwater world in all oceans except Antarctica. Yuyao also enjoys good food and whisky.

张涵 少十八

Online Events

Han Zhang is a Berkeley-based researcher in music technology and a self-proclaimed composer. She received her Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Northwestern University, IL, and her Bachelor’s degree in Automation from Tsinghua University in China. Han is passionate about developing methods and concepts for audio technology and creating new music. She also enjoys outdoor activities including mountaineering, rock climbing, skiing, scuba diving, and sky diving. As an alumni of the 18th class, Han is a new member of the board, and she hopes to make her contributions to help connect GCAA members and make the bond stronger through online and offline events.

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